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1. Inconsistent workforce planning processes
2. Manual reporting & actualising plan with no workflow & weak controls
3. Tracking movements is difficult with limited version tracking & no audit
1. Harmonise process and align with good practice
2. Flexibly allow for for local nuances that empowers line of business to own plans
3. Link Workforce plan with Financial, Sales & Operational plans while automatically actualising data direct from HR & Finance systems and report on cost, headcount & KPIs
1. Faster, more accurate planning
2. Free up time in HR for better business partnering
3. Timely leadership reporting with greater transparency to improve decision making & profitability

workforesight is a high-impact team with leading-practice tools and methods for HR teams. We help you cut the time and cost it takes to build an effective workforce plan.

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"The best planning cycle we ever did. Thanks to the team at workforesight, we cut 60% of our time. I want to thank all the team for making these results possible. Their only goal is to make HR succeed and they are very good at it. "

"Tracking performance of actuals versus plan is easy now. Thanks to workforesight, we now have more practical meetings with Business Heads.".

"Now we've connected People planning with Sales planning, we can forecast the impact of staff changes and redeployments across brands, business units and countries".

Connect all your people data

Bring data together from HR systems, Engagement platforms, ERP and CRM for a single view of your organisation.
Model business rules and scenarios

Model different scenarios

Ensure your workforce is adapting to fast-changing market conditions with what-if scenario planning

Shorten budget cycle times and engage your stakeholders

Manage within HR and collaborate across departments, regions and globally.
Collaborative planning

How a leading organisation redesigned their Workforce Plan

Regional Workforce Planning for 5,000 staff covered multiple cycles ranging from a long range plan, monthly phasing and revisions.

The HR team derived averages and assumptions like vacancy ratio from cost, headcount & salary exports. There were no drivers that linked cost and revenue so it was difficult to run region-wide scenarios and balance permanent versus contingent workers.

They manually summarised their bottom-up plan by cost centre into a Finance input for the broader planning process that ultimately submitted to a consolidated global plan.

The challenge
Planning varied by country. Some planned by position with weighted averages, while others planned by individual. This added complexity, room for manual errors, and key person risk around the unique process in each country.
New headcounts were easy to track, but transfers, shutting down initiatives and redeployments were harder – especially for future years where there was less certainty  
With many iterations and changes  the existing process made it highly difficult to capture and track what and why changes are made.
Hard to track movements
Not collaborative
High risk of errors
Insecure with no workflow or audit control
Difficult to analyse why changes were made
The changes
Working with HR leaders in each country, the workforesight team helped hamornise the process to align with good (and consistent) practice across the region using common place for data and common business rules. This  reduced errors, freed up time, and improved planning accuracy.
The outcomes
The HR team delivered faster, more accurate planning with the potential identify greater efficiency in operating model such as identifying 3% saving in marginal costs.
Designed for HR
The new approach was designed to be easy and flexible to allow for country-based nuances. It cut out manual processes for HR and business managers.
Now HR can focus on strategy
HRs time is now freed up to operate as a strategic business partner. For example, alerting that a cost forecast did not fully factor in open positions.
Reporting & Actualising was hard
Translating and summarising headcount and movements into static presentations for leadership was manual and was quickly out of date. This included manual processes like splitting Cost Centre Headcount across a brand portfolio. Actualising plan with payroll data was manual.
Results fast
The new process was centered around empowering line of business to own plans. Managers entered proposals and HR could review and approve. The critical detail on version tracking, workflow and audit was now captured centrally so HR could focus on performance.
An early view of performance
The leadership team now have a clear and immediate picture to proactively challenge and guide regions on plan compared to granular actuals.

People plans redefined

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