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At workforesight, we help HR  teams like yours improve efficiency and effectiveness with smarter work processes

Why we began
Workforesight was founded on the idea that HR can achieve better planning through pragmatically adopting technology and better using data.

When we started, we made a promise to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and be an approachable, dependable team.

We help organisations efficiently manage technology strategy execution. From setting the direction, and driving execution, supporting learning, adoption and long-term innovation. We're here to make you successful.
HR needs great solutions that are easy to manage and complement existing tools and platforms.

Unfortunately, in many organisations, after the fatigue of one or two major technology projects, many HR processes remain sitting around in spreadsheets.
Know where you're going
Advisory helps you understand your current setup, and gives you practical tools to plan where you want to be.

Because our team is cross-functional, we can speak with IT, Finance, Sales to build your business case and bring them along the journey with HR.
Make things better. Make better things. Becuase it's about results, not ideas, we partner with you from strategy to implementation and beyond.
Results faster
Our consulting team have seen practically every type of HR tool and data. With pre-built assets and low-code apps, we can help you automate existing processes simply, efficiently, and without major software procurement and implementation cycles.
A business technology project can be measured by the adoption. A co-developed solution means your team have been instrumental in each design decision so you can take over the reins at any point. Learning is designed to ensure that you double down and build on that capacity, even as your team grows and changes.
Results you can own
With online learning that augments your Learning Management System, our Learning tools are designed to give you the ability to use, administer and extend your solutions as much as you need.
Measure, sustain and continuously improve the value of your planning solutions. Eliminate key-person risk, with continuous improvement of your solutions, and tap on HR-focused experts with global reach.
Results that endure
Powerful alone. Better together. We decided early on that workforesight was fully enabled run as a remote team. Whether through necessity or from the natural progression of digital connectivity, this has meant a seamless transition from implementing new initiatives to ongoing operational support.

People plans redefined

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