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How does the Foundation plan work?

With HR facing unprecedented automation, Foundation sets you on a path to success. Trusted content, proven templates and online materials define your initiative and articulate who you are, how you operate - and how you grow.

Foundation is designed as standalone advisory so even where you don't utilise our team for execution and instead go to market, you've already ensured your organisation is aligned on objectives and outcomes to shorten and simplify the procurement cycle.

The traditional Tender/RFP processes leave a lot to be desired. Consistency and clarity in your requirements reduces risk, complexity and quoted prices from software vendors and service providers.

How do Premium & Enterprise plans work?

Premium and enterprise plans add further advisory, execution, and ongoing operations management services with a strong education component.

While it may only take weeks or months to implement a new process, with annual cycles it can take multiple years get full value of a transformation initiative as learnings are incorporated from each cycle and organisational capacity grows.

Traditional projects are typically focused on the big bang 'go-live' of day one rollout based on your requirements. With Premium and Enterprise you select specific options for your needs and existing capabilities, or complete transformation packages to increase productivity, drive adoption, and transform how people work by empowering users to innovate.

How does pricing work?

Pricing is based on easy to understand subscriptions. These are flexible and on-demand. Instead of major upfront investment in traditional consulting project a subscription reduces your risk, lowers capex, and aligns our incentives around sustained value.

Getting more value from a solution does not always require more users or more frequent usage. For example, if the problem with your quarterly Engagement Survey is about line managers acting on the results, moving to monthly surveys won't solve the issue. Same with a planning process. That's why our technology-independent approach takes a holistic perspective on what it takes to build long-term capability and enduring success.

How much effort is required?

This is your decision. It's based on your preferred engagement model, roadmap and target operating model.

If you prefer to execute in-house, we work with you to set the right education and design to deliver high impact from our Learning and Advisory team. Or if you prefer, our consulting, managed services and support will keep you running through any workload.

With your planning process: some organisations work best bottom up - pushing out responsibility to business managers. For others, it is best done centrally and automated using predictive and AI forecasting techniques. From our solution toolkit we work with you on what fits best.

Finance manage our budgeting cycle. Will this fit?

Yes. The Workforce plan can connect directly with the Financial and Strategic planning processes. Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is the process where every department is working together on a consistent driver-based methodology. Every part of the planning process is linked from Sales & Marketing through to Operations and HR.

IBP initiatives are often driven by the CFO and the FP&A team (Financial Planning and Analysis). The challenge for HR is that there are many types of planning processes (Workforce, Succession, Salary). However, when your People planning is driven only from Finance as part of IBP, only a subset of HR needs are addressed.

With workforesight, HR can answer any question about your workforce and ensure these are harmonised with other planning processes.

Our first priority is reporting & analytics. Can this help?

Yes. Planning starts with the actuals . Actual data lives in your ERP (pensions, specific taxes, and on-costs), CRM (commission plans), Payroll/HRIS/HCM (FTE, base salary and allowances), Engagement platform (performance incentive and cohort) and ATS/Recruitment tools.

By bringing a consistent view of your people down to the individual and then rolled up across any perspective - from Department/Cost Centre, Role/Job Code, to Region and Brand. You can add new metrics and analytics from training participation linked to KPIs, to diversity and inclusion, to Time to fill and use the consistent process for reporting, analysis and planning.

How does ongoing support work?

We provide 24/7 follow the sun support with robust Service Level Agreements SLAs) based on business as usual and business critical planning periods. Support ranges remote support services to fully managed services.

What is asset-based consulting?

Asset-based consulting distills leading work practices into blueprints, methodologies, and models that work across planning technologies. They are flexible solutions that shorten time to value and make it easier to scale.

We utilise a library of components that stand on industry-standard technology. For IT, this means we can adapt the models to your technology landscape. For HR we don’t just support technology; we create innovative solutions that use automation and digitisation to improve workflows.

How do you differ from technical consultants (SIs)?

System Integrators typically focus on one platform or tool. But transformation is much more than technology. We don’t just support technology; we create innovative solutions that achieve business objectives.

HR must invest in technology that delivers ongoing benefits. If IT is seen as failing to deliver business value and agility, business users (like HR) embrace point solutions. The challenge is these often added to organisational complexity and data silos.

We align HR and Technology needs based on your specific organistion needs.This is a decision based on your preferred engagement model and roadmap. If you prefer to execute in house, we work with you to set the right education and design to deliver high impact from our Learning and Advisory team. Or if you prefer, our consulting, managed services and support will keep you running through any workload.

How do you differ from big4-style consulting?

Focus. We combine HR planning expertise with deep technology and process experience to provide you pragmatic solutions today while leveraging the best approach for the future. With a collaborative network of experts and specialists we can bring the right expertise to your specific needs.

Large consulting firms have a large cost base and high overheads. They use a leverage model of keeping as many low-cost juniors utilised for as long as possible to maximise profitability. Our engagement model flips traditional consulting on its head and focusses on enduring value.

People plans redefined

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