Strategic HR

How HR can drive productivity

Workforce Foresight Team
April 19, 2021

“About 70% of the time, efforts to fundamentally change the performance of an organization don’t work.” McKinsey

HR can improve technology adoption across the organisation. Why HR?

Today’s technology can change the way we work - if we know how to use it. And when we understand what is possible.

Imagine the full potential of a transformation. While technology initiatives understandably traditionally start with IT, success often ultimately lies in user adoption.

HR can add unique value to transformation projects through Learning & Development, Change Management, and enhancing the operating model through organisational design, talent recruitment and retention to build permanent capabilities.

From programmatic digital learning, personalised onboarding, to user experience management (UEM) applications HR can increase productivity, drive adoption and transform how people work by empowering users to innovate.